miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

Leather handbag with lace embellishment

Currently for sale on Etsy!

This pretty steampunk/lolita inspired handbag is made of two different types of leather, a light brown one featuring a wrinkled texture for the back, top, bottom and sides, and a plain nude one for the front. This nude panel is ornated with a lovely lace trim applique in cream colour.

The brown top is edged with an ivory cotton corded lace trim and the handle features a rooster feathers charm and two silver chains. Metal components (D rings for the handle, rivets, zip, chains, lacing loops, buckle) are silver-plated. The purse is closed with a buckle at the front.

There's a functional zip-closed pocket at the back. This pocket is independent from the rest of the bag so it's perfect to keep first-needed stuff like keys, a phone, some cash, etc. It's lined with peach satin as well as the rest of the bag. Actually the lining provides three different compartments inside the main body to separate your goods. The lining is also signed with the maker's name and the year of construction.

Aproximate measurements:
Height - 15cm
Length - top: 19cm - fullest point: 24cm
Width - fullest point: 5cm
Back zip - 15cm

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