martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

Bronze and black corset - commission

My lovely client modeling her custom-made corset

This is a custom corset I've just made for a lovely client. It's made out of 5 layers of fabric (fashion fabric, two layers of cotton canvas for extra stiffnes of the fashion fabric as it is very thin and delicate, cotton herringbone coutil and satin lining).

The off-the-shoulder sleeves are made of black chiffon and are hand sewn to the garment after it was finished as my client wanted to detach them after the event she wanted this piece for so she can wear it in more informal events (it was not possible to set snap buttons or hooks and eyes to ease detaching them as they actually have a trim on the edge that follows the top edge of the corset and this had to be sewn on). The front and back of the corset are decorated with guipure lace appliques. The top edge, side seams and both front and back closures are also embellished with black braid trim as well as the top edge of the sleeves.

The suspended modesty panel is boned and reversible: black satin on one side and the outer fashion fabric on the other side. The one shown is the black in contrast with the bronze satin ribbon laces as you can see on the third photo.

The hidden boning this garment features is mixed, so there's 6 flat steel bones (2 on the sides of the black busk at the front, and 4 framing the two-piece eyelets at the back) plus 2 more vertically set in the modesty panel. And 18 spiral wire bones, 9 on each side of the corset, plus 3 more set horizontally inside the modesty panel. The structure includes a waist stay to reinforce the waist area.

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