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Terms of service

Corsetry standards

All my custom corsets include 2 or more fabric layers -depending on the chose fabric features-, waist stay and a minimum of 12 pieces of steel boning and/or spiral wire. The back of the corsets is closed with between 16 and 40 two piece eyelets or lacing loops -it depends on the style of the garment and the lenght of the customer's body. In standard cases my corsetry offers a reduction of 4cm or more at the waist. Other features depend on the chosen design and the customer's taste.

Other items

Garments such as gaiters, headdresses, brooches, collars or doll dresses fully depend on the design and the specifications of the customer.


Very accurate natural measurements are needed. Don't reduct any measurement, I'll make reductions myself so the garment fits you best. Make sure you take them well as I will not be found responsible if the garment doesn't fit you well when measurements are wrong. Note that I only work with Metric System -metres, centimetres...-, I'll have to convert your measurements from inches to centimetres when needed -example: your waist measures 23 inches, that is 58,42 cm but I'll use 58,4 as it's easier to work with that measurement (1 inch = 2,54 cm). If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. You can also have a look to my 'how to measure' tutorial for reference.
How to measure


Custom items are made to fit one individual only. That's the reason why I don't offer refunds. However, if you find your order features mistakes -which is very rare, but since I'm human I may make mistakes- you can take photos of the parts you dislike and send them to me via e-mail. I will evaluate those pictures, and if I realise you're right you can send the item back to me so I can fix it for free -shipping costs will be paid by me.

Please note I won't be found responsible if the garment gets damaged when shipping -I'll pack it as well as i can so this risk is reduced- neither if you gain or loose weight in the middle time since you ordered until you get your item and the garment doesn't suit you. I won't do any alteration if measurements were taken wrong or changed in that middle time.
That's why taking measurements correctly is so important. Please don't be scared about this, taking measurements is pretty easy, and even easier when someone helps you. And obviously you can aways ask me, I'll be pleased to help you.

Time frame

You'll receive your order in 8-12 weeks since I receive full payment. Please note special details such as exotic fabrics or trims may take some time. Anyway I'll keep you informed of the process and if it takes longer than usual I'll let you know.
I don't accept rush orders by now.

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