lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

How to order

Part 1:

A custom item is a very personal choice. It's essential to work with the customer to make that person's dreamed garment come true. That's the reason why I work via e-mail, it's easy and more personal.

If you have more or less an idea of what you want, then email me to . If not, you can have a look to my 'corset shapes chart' to get some ideas. When I first receive your email with the description of the garment you have thought about, I may ask you some questions before making a free pencil sketch for you to clear out I understood what you need. If that sketch does not suit your idea, I will make others up to a total of three free sketches. These won't compromise you in any way. So if you don't like any of my proposed designs you'll be in your right of cancelling the project. I'll happily welcome you for later projects if that's your wish.

If you actually like one of my designs, or parts of some of them which you'd ask me to mix to make the final garment, you'll have to send me your natural measurements and your bra size. Please be sure you take them well -you can read my 'how to measure' tutorial to solve any doubt. If you feel unconfident when taking them, you may want to ask somebody to help you which will be quite easier.

Then you'll have to choose the fabric and other materials, I'll help you if needed. If you had previous ideas for fabric and other details please be sure you tell me where you saw them and I'll try to purchase them for you. If I can't, I'll notify you which materials I would be using instead -I'll try to use the most similar materials I can get. After that is done it will be time to discuss prices. Please note I only accept Paypal payment for international orders. If you're in Spain, I give you the option of making a bank transfer. When price is agreed, you'll have to pay the whole amount. I won't start patterning before I receive full payment.

Part 2:

Now you've chosen one of my designs specially drawn for you, we've discussed fabrics and materials and I know your natural measurements, it's time I begin patterning and sewing. As soon as I finish your garment, I'll take some photos that I'll keep in my personal customers gallery. I won't publish these unless you give me permission to. When your order is done, I'll ship it to you. I'll be thankful if you let me know at the time you receive your order.

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