miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Tribal belly dance coin bra

I don't know this tribal belly dance inspired coin bra's exact weight but I ensure you it's pretty heavy as it's plenty of metal coins and glass beads. The beadwork is handmade, and coins have been attached one by one in supporting chains -conveniently hidden from sight- and ordered in rows. For the bead embroidery I've used a combination of glass, porcelain and metal beads plus tiger eye stones and some seashell pieces. The silver chains over the chest are also attached to the straps.

... May I say this dummy is much bigger than me, so this bra doesn't fit properly... But yeah, the effect is pretty much there...

lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Tribal belly dance headpiece

This is the first tribal bellydance inspired headpiece I made. I've used two layers of light brown felt as the headband base to build the headpiece on that (I would have better used leather, but sewing such a hug amount of tiny pieces on leather wouldn't have been that easy, and I was afraid of ruining it all...), and used an elastic to close the band and to ease putting it on. It's plenty of beads -metal, glass, rhinestones, porcelain-, buttons -wood, nacre, metal-, feathers -peacock, rooster and others I actually can't identify but which colours fit perfectly well on this headdress- chains, charms and old earrings, mainly.

miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

Silver-black underbust corset - commission

This is a commissioned custom underbust corset I made for a lovely mid-aged lady. It's an hourglass basic underbust made of silver and black silk brocade. It features four layers of fabric (including black satin lining), mixed boning structure -spiral wire and flat steel plus waist stay- and front busk closure, machine set eyelets and grommets in antique metal finish at the back closure with matching attached modesty panel, black satin ribbon and black satin bias binding.
Note that the brocade patterns have been taken into account to create symmetries when possible.

*    *    *

Este es un corsé por debajo del pecho que hice a medida para una mujer de mediana edad. Se trata de un ceñidor básico confeccionado en brocado de seda plata y negro. Está compuesto de cuatro capas de tela (incluyendo el forro de raso negro), una estructura mixta de ballenas de acero espiral y plano junto con un refuerzo en la cintura, cierre de busk en la parte frontal, ojetes de dos piezas con acabado pavonado (envejecido) colocados a máquina en el cierre posterior junto con lazo de raso negro y un panel trasero cosido y a juego. y remate en los bordes con bies de raso negro.
Destaca el aprovechamiento del patrón del brocado para hacer juegos de simetrías en la medida de lo posible.