martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Aurora, 1st act - Rose Adagio

Here's another mini tutu. This time I got inspiration from the first act of The Sleeping Beauty ballet. Princess Aurora is the main role.

So, the bodice is made 10 pannels of ballet pink satin and features 3/4 dusty pink sleeves, ivory trim, silver thread embroidery and glass pearl-like and irisade beads. The dusty pink plate (the ornated part of the skirt) is attached to the bodice and is decorated with the same trim and beads. Underneath, my doll is wearing a detachable tutu skirt made of several layers of pleated ivory tulle sewed on to a pink satin slip.

This tiny Aurora costume is finished with a lovely tiara made of the same trim and beads, featuring three teeny tiny handmade dusty pink satin ribbon roses on the left side.

Abby Rose corset

Abby Rose handmade corset with detachable black suspenders (not shown), you can see the original sketch here Deviantart, Abby Rose.

This corset is made of 4 layers of fabric. The outer shell is made of ballet pink heavy satin with a black lace overlay at the front. Both interlinings are made of cotton coutil, the outer one is white and the inner one is black. And the lining is black satin. This piece also has a mixed boning structure (flat steel boning and spiral wire boning, combinated to achieve that perfect silhouette), a front steel busk closure, a waist stay and back lacing (I've used antique metal eyelets and grommets -which are almost black- and a black satin ribbon). The suspended modesty panel is also boned and features the same ornaments as the rest of the corset (black blossing, upper black bias binding, lower pink bias binding, lace trim). The front double bow made of wide black satin ribbon is also detachable.

domingo, 15 de abril de 2012

14-4-2012 La Nueva España, Oviedo y Centro Semanal

La Nueva España newspaper, saturday's Oviedo y Centro Semanal supplement front page.
Periódico La Nueva España, portada del suplemento del sábado Oviedo y Centro Semanal.

La Nueva España newspaper, Oviedo y Centro supplement, 15th page.
Periódico La Nueva España, suplemento Oviedo y Centro, página 15.

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Venetian Carnival - !8th century gown

September, 2011
Model: M Pardo
Outfit, MUA: M Pardo
Photography: Yves Perochon
Localitation: Oviedo, Asturias (Spain)

White-silver mini top hat

This mini top hat headdress is currently for sale on Etsy, only this one available!! (In brand new condition, it has only been used to take these pics.)

This cute victorian inspired headress is made of white lace over silver grey satin (100% polyester). It features a hand sewn white lace trim on the top edge of the crown, a matching silver grey satin ribbon with back bow and a combination of fluffy and straight greyish off white rooster feathers. This lovely piece will add that special touch to any lolita, victorian or steampunk inspired looks.

An elastic has been attached to the surface to fit any head contour and get that perfect inclination.

This headdress has three layers of fabric for extra stiffness: an inner layer of white felt, an intermediate layer of strong fusible interlining and the outside layer made of white lace over silver grey satin . The brim features a hidden wire hoop at the edge to keep its shape and its surface has also been covered with lace and satin. Everything has built up together using a combination of machine and hand sewing.

2nd pair of gaiters

This pair of gaiters is currently for sale on Etsy

These asymmetric black gaiters are made of black polyester damask and lined with striped black and ivory cotton. Lining is finished at the top edge with black satin bias tape. They close at the sides with four silver/greyish blue buttons and under the arch with two snap buttons to fit almost any shoe heels.
Both gaiters are ornamented with cameo-styled handmade ornaments. The one on the right instep is a hand painted (acrylics) cotton piece featuring flowers and leaves in sepia colours, surrounded with cream corded lace trim and pleats of the same lining cotton. The left gaiter shows another cameo-styled decoration with cream cotton corded lace for the oval shape and framing handmade cream cotton ribbon roses, fluffy pieces of ivory tulle, organza bows, pleated black lace trim and pleats of the same lining cotton.
Two bows of grey and black satin ribbons besides the buttons add the final touch to each gaiter.

-- Optional features --

*Instep ornaments: Both gaiters can be finished using the same decoration for both instead of different. you can choose your gaiters to feature the hand painted cameo-like ornament or the handmade roses and fluffy tulle piece. Please make sure to convo me your decission at the time of purchase. If not, I assume you prefer your gaiters to look exactly like the ones shown on the pictures.

Medieval Mourn

This gorgeous medieval-inspired outfit has two parts.

The corset is made of black heavy cotton velvet, interlined with two layers of cotton canvas and lined with black satin. It closes at the front and the back with black corset lacing featuring antique metal eyelets and grommets, which also can be seen closing the attached off-the-shoulder short sleeves at the sides. The corset has been hand embroidered at the front and back pannels using delicate silver thread (this took about 4 months of hard meticulous work) and glass silver beads, metallic beads and black diamond (smoky coloured) crystals. It also features a waist tape, a combination of spiral and flat steel bones, black satin bias binding and black ellegant trimming on the edges. The incredibly wide black chiffon sleeves -which are shorter at the front and longer at the back- are detachable, so the corset can be short or long-sleeved depending on the ocassion.

The skirt is made of black velvet and lined with black satin as well. It features an ellegant A-shape and train. I kept it simple as I wanted the embroideries on the corset to get all the attention.

I finally made a kind of medieval fantasy inspired headdress to finish this outfit. It's made of silver plated chains, the same beads of the embroideries, metal rings, old earrings, crystal chains, and some imagination.

I hope to have a proper photoshoot for this outfit, as this pics can't show the real visual impact of seeing it all on the raw.